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Hello everyone! I am setting up this campaign to help my Aunt Kelly Youngkin pay for funeral/memorial services. Lisa Youngkin suddenly passed away on June 7, 2017 from heart disease. Our family has had so much loss and we were completely unprepared. My Aunt Kelly has endured the most pain, is my personal opinion. Aunt Lisa was all she had left sibling wise. She has buried her Mom, Dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. One of them was my Mom. When my Mom passed away in 2003, Aunt Kell took all of us in. My mom had 6 children, and Aunt Kell had 3 small children of her own. I cannot even begin to imagine the rollercoaster of emotions she endured. She did her best in raising all of us, the best way she knew how. I admire her so much for her dedication to her family and really want to help her out. It's not fair for her to do this all alone again. I just want to raise enough to help her with some of the final expenses. She expressed some interest in getting a plot in the cemetery that her Mom and Dad are buried in. She wants to put her siblings next to their parents. I personally would like to get the plot for 4, so their is a spot saved for Aunt Kell next to her brother and sisters, and her Mom and Dad! They will all be together again, and for me that is the sweetest wish for my family. If you could find it in your hearts to keep us in your prayers, and donate if you can, I will be forever grateful. No amount is too small, I need to do this for my Aunt Kelly!! Please, please share this campaign and spread the word. From our family to yours​, God Bless, and we thank you for your support at this tragic time in our lives!! Anyone who wants to donate flowers or flower arrangements, feel free to do so. You can contact me, Amanda Youngkin, for further information and arrangements. Have a wonderful day!!

Obituary or Funeral Information: The funeral is being held at Wooster in Atco, NJ from 5-7. Her obituary will be available on Wooster a Facebook page.

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Amanda Youngkin

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5 days ago.

Nick Neely


6 days ago.

Sharron Bill


"I am so sorry to all of you to hear of Lisa's passing. Kelly we may not have seen each other for what seems like forever, but we were close enough growing up and you never lose that connection. I love you woman. You are by far the strongest woman I have ever known and after 35 years of friendship I can say that first hand. I don't know how you have pulled yourself thru so many losses in your life. But I do know if you keep your faith and lean on God your rewards in heaven will be great. In Philippians 4:7 God promises that if we pray for it, he will give us "the peace that surpasses understanding will guard our hearts and minds yjru Jesus Christ. And He does. I wish I could give more but every penny comes to you with great love. "

11 days ago.

Cheryl McHugh-Norkus


"I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers for all of you <3"

12 days ago.

Peggy Kappes


"There was an error in wording in my original donation cuz of auto correct that I wanted to be able to fix and it isn't allowing me to go in and do it so I wanted to make it clear... Selfishness was supposed to be selflessness. Thank you very much 😀 hahaha"

13 days ago.

Peggy Kappes


"RIP until we meet again!!! Lisa Love ya girl!!! Thank you Kelly for your dedication/love/selfishness to your family!!! ❤ You all!!! Lee give everyone that went before you a great big hug and 😘 kiss from me!!! I miss/❤them all!!! God knows you are in great company!!! Our hearts 💔 are broken!!!"

13 days ago.

Waleska Osorio-Rodriguez


"Prayers for the family "

13 days ago.

Erika Redrow


13 days ago.

Chelsea Fritz


"So sorry for your family's loss. Thoughts and prayers with you all"

13 days ago.

Alex Karas


"She will be missed, I'm sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace Lisa."