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September 2017 How Life Insurance Can Provide A Lot of Help
Many of the stories told on ALittleHelp are about families struggling to deal with the loss of a loved one who didn’t have...
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May 2017 How a Little Help Has Made a Big Difference
We created because we believe strongly that after a loss, a little help from community can make a big diff...
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April 2017 5 Ways to Use a Memorial Fund
Depending on a family’s needs and wishes, memorial funds can be established for a variety of purposes. Memorials can help ...
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March 2017 Memorable Ways to Say “Thank You”
Focusing on the things and people we are grateful for in life from the big – family and friends – to the small – no traffi...
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Five tips
February 2017 Five Tips for Running a Successful Community Funding Campaign
There’s no loss greater than that of a loved one. That’s why Legal & General America launched – to hel...
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Supporting a friend
January 2017 Supporting A Grieving Friend
For someone who is grieving a loss, the support and love of family and friends can provide essential comfort and healing. ...
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Estate planning
January 2017 Estate Planning: Steps to Take Now
While it’s hard to talk about, there are simple things you can do now to protect your family for when you are no longer ar...
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Celebrate memories
December 2016 Ways to Celebrate a Loved One’s Memory
While our loved ones unfortunately cannot be with us forever, their spirit and memory never fades. Continuing traditions, ...
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Lifeinsurance crowdfunding
November 2016 The 3 Biggest Differences Between Life Insurance and Memorial Crowdfunding
Planning for the unknown is a difficult task. Planning for death is even harder. A recent study1 shows that 66 percent of ...
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November 2016 Six Common Costs for Planning a Funeral
Many people are often overwhelmed and surprised by the costs and decisions associated with planning a funeral. While there...
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Coping with loss
October 2016 Coping with the Loss of a Loved One
One of the hardest things anyone can endure is losing a loved one. While life will never be the same after a loss, it’s cr...
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Honoring a loved one
October 2016 Honoring a Loved One with ALittleHelp
At ALittleHelp, we bring communities together for good and solely support memorial funds. Our platform both celebrates the...
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Online fundraising
October 2016 9 Tips for a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign
An entrepreneur with her next big idea. A couple who dream of getting married in Tuscany. A high school senior who wants t...
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